Did you ever notice, when you are happy everything looks like it is the best, life is good and this is what you always wanted. That is how you feel positive. Being positive is the way to accept things in the way they are. Believe, be positive about yourself, be self-confident, laugh a bit even if... Continue Reading →


Good Fortune comes to those who have passion, determination, will and a goal or a dream to do something. Just keep on doing things you like and things that you want to do and forget about the fortune because Life keeps on moving and the time today (good or bad) is meant to change anyway.... Continue Reading →

A walk to remember 

Every moment is a small piece of our lives. These moments collectively define our journey of life. Moments that make us happy, sad, nostalgic. Long back when there were no cameras, people used to sit and talk about the times, articulating every word with a field of vision that brings magically people together.Nowadays we can... Continue Reading →

Road to your destination!

Often we try to judge someone, something or ourselves on the basis of what we are today. We do not know what is set for us in the future. If today something just does not go according to us that may be because it is supposed to be that way to reach where we want... Continue Reading →

How I get rid of ‘Stage Fear’

  I am totally afraid of ghosts and zombies. I can never watch a horror movie because my mind assumes more than what is inside a movie. It is only because I think it is. I have kept my thoughts inside my head all the time which usually comes from what I feel. When I... Continue Reading →


  Ever tried to answer all your positive questions starting with "WHY?" with a single answer? Well then there is just a simple answer 'everything is magic'. When we start to see things positively, we start believing things, believing in ourselves. We don't live a dream then, we make dreams a reality. We all know... Continue Reading →


Nothing is dangerous more than our thoughts. Reality is molded by our thoughts.  Fear exists as soon as we start to think about it.

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