Painted with Purple

The Sky Ignite, the spark, the sky You were up high. Some dark, some light, The shades never cleared my mind. I was looking through Looking for something like you. And suddenly what caught my mind That you were painted with PURPLE. Sometimes we see some beautiful shades in the sky and we can never guess what... Continue Reading →


Ordinary with an EXTRAordinary experience.

I recently listened to a song that became one of my favorites. What captivated my interest was it's lyrics specially the chorus that goes like How much you wanna risk? I'm not looking for somebody With some superhuman gifts Some superhero Some fairytale bliss Just something I can turn to Somebody I can kiss ---Something just... Continue Reading →

Atop: Burj Khalifa

BURJ KHALIFA : At the top Moment Last year in January 2016, I had a visit at the top of Burj Khalifa, megatall skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It stands a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft), making it the tallest building and the tallest structure in the world. Following pictures are taken from 125th floor... Continue Reading →


What are you? Can you define yourself? If you can, what do you label yourself as, moneyed, pretty, needy poor, workaholic, Talented, creative, arrogant, flashy or what? When I was young as in my childhood days, I was surrounded by stereotypes including me somewhere, somewhat and sometimes. I was never rich and I was never... Continue Reading →

A walk to remember 

Every moment is a small piece of our lives. These moments collectively define our journey of life. Moments that make us happy, sad, nostalgic. Long back when there were no cameras, people used to sit and talk about the times, articulating every word with a field of vision that brings magically people together.Nowadays we can... Continue Reading →

How I get rid of ‘Stage Fear’

  I am totally afraid of ghosts and zombies. I can never watch a horror movie because my mind assumes more than what is inside a movie. It is only because I think it is. I have kept my thoughts inside my head all the time which usually comes from what I feel. When I... Continue Reading →

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