Let’s pause it for sometime.
Let’s pause everything for sometime.
The life is shorter than it seems
The time goes on
Let’s pause it for sometime.
The world is hyper and so the blood in us
Can we change whatever has happened
The stars are still but slowly disappear
Can we pause the time and make it better.

But can we save them those are gone
And can we change what is yet to come
And we cant pause the words from the mouth
And we can’t save the air that peters out.
We laugh, we smile, then why we want to stop
We give pain or suffer and wish to pause it all.
Can we not go hand in hand for a while
Laugh and joke, we move ahead in life.

Don’t pause it anytime
Don’t lose the quality of it’s shine
The child looks good when he smiles
Live today and the time never flies
Let’s pause the pain for sometime
Let’s laugh more than we cry
Let’s talk good more than we don’t get time
Let’s pause moments in our eyes.

The above part is the piece of a song from my collection. The original one is with a little love effect, But, I wanted to put this because it explains how freshness of the time is when we enjoy everything what’s in today. If ever we get a chance to pause the time, what will happen? We can’t change past, we can’t change future and we can not live in present as well. In short, we will not enjoy anything. But, what really we can pause is anger, ego, etc. and instead let’s not waste time and live happily in whatever life we have.

~~Green Herb~~

Daily Prompt : Pause


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