Painted with Purple

The Sky

Ignite, the spark, the sky

You were up high.

Some dark, some light,

The shades never cleared my mind.

I was looking through

Looking for something like you.

And suddenly what caught my mind

That you were painted with PURPLE.

Sometimes we see some beautiful shades in the sky and we can never guess what is making the view so magnificent. Like the brush would have dipped into colors and painted through the sky leaving behind the transition which we are not sure of, and what could be that color. The sky with little bit of light and full of stars with darkness that is still not dark. Like the universe would have melted and spread through.

Recently I was painting  with a kid, a 5 year old, who helped me in completing a beautiful water color painting. While teaching her she asked” what are we doing.” I replied “we are painting the sky.”

I was trying to mix all the colors onto the paper and she sweetly asked again” This is looking bad. what are you doing? my teacher said the sky is blue.”

I could not explain what i was doing because it was too difficult to make her understand.  I said ” I can’t explain, just look for some more time.”

And when it was done, the sky, she suddenly got interested and with a smiling face said, “it’s looking nice, you painted it with Purple, right.”

Then she helped me with the painting and it looked like this :


By Niya, KG2, 5 year old

Daily Prompt: Purple

~~Green Herb~~



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