Ordinary with an EXTRAordinary experience.

I recently listened to a song that became one of my favorites. What captivated my interest was it’s lyrics specially the chorus that goes like

How much you wanna risk?
I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts
Some superhero
Some fairytale bliss
Just something I can turn to
Somebody I can kiss

—Something just like this (The Chainsmokers and Coldplay )

I am not here to focus over the romance of the song. But the person in the song is looking for someone who is just ordinary yet imaginary.

What I really want to accentuate here is the ‘perception’ of ordinary or extraordinary. Why? Well I have a little story.

I was coming back from Vashi( a place in New Mumbai, India) via a local train. I was standing by choice mainly because of air circulation and it was too hot. I was into my own world of imaginations or whatever we think when we travel alone. Suddenly, a hand touched my leg and I looked down and got scared. There was a man sitting with one foot tucked under the other leg, a bottle of alcoholic drink in one hand and was begging with another. I stared him for about one whole minute. He was suffering from some sort of unknown disease. He had a leg swollen with a deep long cut with pus coming out and a lot of flies accumulating, flying around his leg. I couldn’t focus over what he was asking for. I looked at him and just like an ordinary person, assumed that he might need money to buy a drink as he was stinking a lot like he was drunk. I wanted to give him some money, but that drink in his hand caused the resistance. I replied him with a bold No. He turned back making a perplexing gesture that was almost relating to giving a curse or saying someone “you will suffer”  and I wanted to overlook but I couldn’t.

I kept on thinking, on one side i felt wrong since he was extremely suffering and on another side I couldn’t give him the money because he might spend it on drinking more and eventually die. I still cannot think decisively about my own actions. Since that day , I tried to re imagine the whole situation acting differently and coming to a conclusion. Maybe he needed money to eat or may be he was collecting so that he can cure his disease. But every time a soul inside me kept on saying… then why did he spend on drinking under such conditions.

There was one more incident where i happened to give a burger to a begging child since he said he was extremely hungry. After making a difference in distance from me, the child threw the burger and ran with his friends. Now these two incidents changed my whole perception. The one disconcerted me and the other made me feel resentful. Both the situations left me with some extraordinary experiences that I never expected.

I really want to help people who need or seek for help. When I did not help I got cursed and when I actually helped, it got vain. People help people, take the help or toss out the help given, the ultimate goal of yours is to be satisfied. We create a Life depending upon the choices we make in our lives or how we see or imagine somethings that is real or could be real and how we experience.

At the bottom line of me, I am actually satisfied now because I feel “Being ordinary is just a word for satisfaction . I helped or not helped because of the unknown consequences. Everyone has their own perception and different meanings of a situation.”

Life gives us puzzling situations. Choice is ours to act as an ‘ordinary person’ or as an ordinary person anyway because i guess sometimes your efforts can make no difference but what we experience with surprise, that’s something is ‘extraordinary’.

-Green Herb

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12 thoughts on “Ordinary with an EXTRAordinary experience.

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  1. Great post. Keep on giving. Give because it is the right thing to do. It is true our choices shape pur lives, but ultimately it gives our lives meaning. Making the decision to keep helping regardless of the outcome because YOU are a good person, is ultimate freedom.

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  2. WOW! In our world, they say too much analysis is paralysis.

    Still, I will put my two points
    Beggar 1. Maybe somebody would have provided the alcohol to the first beggar and he would have liked it as it was easing his pain and hence drinking

    Beggar 2. The kid who is more into Indian food did not like the burger you gave!

    Great write up!!

    My boss once said, ” You do your Job by contributing your part or provided you have to contribute and rest leave it to the GOD”.

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    1. Yeah.. Thankyou for this because yeah may be that could be the reason. It’s the way we see and the way we get it. Your comment made me realize that yeah it could be easing his pain, the alcohol and rest his everything that we don’t knkw. Thanks 🙂

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    1. Yes, it’s not about thinking what we did is right or wrong. It’s Bout doing something good, and the feeling of doing good is extraordinary and we can never regret for that.


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