Minimal yet Fabulous

Minimal way of Living is to Live on minimal spending yet fabulous(that’s your priority) and getting rid of some things in your life that doesn’t matter or not very important. When I was working, I was living alone in a small room on rent. I never felt ‘Home’ after coming back to the room from the office nor I could afford so much because I was a beginner Trainee.  It started to become a real mess.  For those people who suffered like me, well there are few tips and tricks to revamp such boring rooms with spending minimal.

Know your basic needs


Focus on what are your actual needs like a toothbrush. What you love and never want to get rid of it(obviously), for example a souvenir (helps when you are alone and feel nostalgic) and what is useful such as a Laptop instead of a Desktop Computer.

Make a list


Make a list of all the important stuff you will be needing for example a bed, chair, mirror(yes it’s important especially for girls), a table or whatever it is according to your room size


When you know what you don’t need. Sell them or give to someone who might need it or Recycle.



Make a rough drawing for where you wanna place these things or of what size you need if you are starting fresh.


DIY your old furniture. For example change the fabric. It is wiser to buy a good looking fabric and DIY than to buy a whole sofa. This way you spend minimal and make it new and eventually learn something new.

Select your Bed 


Want to make your room bigger? Since bed is the most important element, decide the size of the bed keeping in mind whether it is for an individual or sharing couple. As dimension of the room does matter bed should be selected according to the room size. For example, if it’s a small room shared by a couple, switch to beds that are convertible and for individuals a single bed is enough. A bed is a very essential component as it gives a life to the room and a proper place to have some rest and peace.

Tip : can’t afford like me? Folding beds are your best option. Can afford: get beds with storage space. This way it’s easier to keep your winter clothes in summer rather than throwing here or there.




This is a very important and essential step. Ever wondered, where did you keep that scarf or book or important paper last night. Well, it’s time for you to start organizing stuff.

How to organize?  Label your boxes, keep separate space for everything, Label your drawers, post it notes to remember important stuff.



You cannot call a place your home if you don’t have stuff on your walls or lamp on your bedside and if you are a girl, you also need a fake plant or a cute decorative vase. In short Decorate. At this point, you feel you want so much but how will you afford. Tip is Recycle and engage into DIY projects such as self made picture collage or frames or lampshades etc..

My subject revolves around… even if you do not earn much, you can still have it all. If you can’t buy then you can learn to make it.

For others who don’t want to do any of it. Save and spend your money on travelling and clicking pictures. Live in minimal yet fabulous.

PS: I love DIY but all of the pictures used in this article are not mine. These are just the references of the concept i wanna highlight.

-Green Herb



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