What are you? Can you define yourself? If you can, what do you label yourself as, moneyed, pretty, needy poor, workaholic, Talented, creative, arrogant, flashy or what?

When I was young as in my childhood days, I was surrounded by stereotypes including me somewhere, somewhat and sometimes. I was never rich and I was never poor. Where did I stand? I’ve made friends, every type of friend, whatever label you wanna give as rich kids, poor kids, sporty kids, dancing kids, joking kids or sentimental kids. I was never in one place and may be that could be the reason why people came and go in and out of my life. I started to choose my friends very carefully. In short I started labeling. I chose to stay with people who can be with me. Still i couldn’t succeed. I did not understand.

I started feeling labeled as OUT. I was very sad for why i could never make friends who can stay. But, then my mother told me one thing…” If you will focus on everyone according to their perspective you’ll never see what you have got. In that particular moment, in that particular time, didn’t you laugh with them, didn’t you dance with them, did you not went out for the party, didn’t you make memories together. What are you sad for? change? Did you stay at one place with them all the time? You did move ahead. Don’t label the time as GONE, Label it as MEMORIES. because once upon a time in that moment YOU LIVED. Time is a change. Move ahead because every point of your time you will meet someone, somewhere. It is Life.” I was totally mesmerized by my mother.

For so many years I wanted to fit into one label. But I am not a label, not an excerpt. I am full and living.

~~Green Herb~~



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