A walk to remember 

Every moment is a small piece of our lives. These moments collectively define our journey of life. Moments that make us happy, sad, nostalgic. Long back when there were no cameras, people used to sit and talk about the times, articulating every word with a field of vision that brings magically people together.Nowadays we can capture everything possible. Cameras are boon to everyone but somewhere we have lost the beauty of time, simply sitting and mesmerizing the person talking, remembering the old days and recreating a moment.

How does it feel when someone tells you “Do you remember” and takes you all over again into the time, you deeply get engrossed into. Don’t you want to look and listen sometimes rather than just posting a picture and saying nothing. A picture can never tell the time before and after from that moment.

Do sit with your loved ones sometimes, open your old albums or memories in your head, feel the rain again, laugh on same jokes, sing old songs, hold hands again and recreate everything good again.

——-Green Herb——-


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