Girl Child

Whenever is the birth of a girl child

There are dreams in her eyes with a simple smile

Oblivious to everything she is fragile

Tiny, little will grow in a while

Holding her dreams in a fist so tight

Sitting on a magic swing with a will to rise

She will grow and she will fight

For her own and for all the rights

She is weak but soon she will roar and be aware

With the revolving earth when she will start to share

The dreams, her love, her growth and her happiness

She has a lot to learn from the past and the present

No matter how long she will crawl

She will not flinch even if she falls 

She is strong and knows it all

That her mother’s hand is right behind that foggy wall.

Every where is terror and fear

Little heart is not safe and sound here

Respect and trust and the promising words

All she gets is pain,hatred or even more worse

The world is big and so is she (big-hearted)

Still supports you and is forgotten easily

Believe or not still she’s supporting strong

Need not to care if the world is right or wrong

Try to raise her with all respect

That is all what she expects

Yes everyday is the birth of a girl child

The one who gets a chance to be alive

Are the ones as it is said upright.

-Green Herb


7 thoughts on “Girl Child

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    1. Yes there are phycho parents in the world because they never want to take the responsibility. I have seen people getting sad when a girl is born and so happy if it’s a boy. Earlier this concept was very much into picture but now people are changing because maybe we are taking over (the next generation)I don’t know much about the other cultures but in India it used to exist.
      Apart from this, I’d written this in 2013 after the flashing news of gang rape in Delhi, India in December 2012. So, save the girl means to save her from the world…….. I am really speechless now.

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      1. Yes. The waiting for justice will wait forever because Noone can give the time, the laughter, the image, personality back to you once it’s gone. It’s a dangerous and sad world.

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