How I get rid of ‘Stage Fear’


I am totally afraid of ghosts and zombies. I can never watch a horror movie because my mind assumes more than what is inside a movie. It is only because I think it is. I have kept my thoughts inside my head all the time which usually comes from what I feel. When I think about a particular thing i see an image and when someone says ghosts I have horrifying images which never escaped because I have molded them in that way and kept them safe.

Well apart from ghosts, I had stage fear since i was born.I used to be  very confident when I practice speaking alone. But, as soon as i step onto the stage everything used to become colorless and grey. That was the point of low blood pressure and when I was about to faint. It had happened with me almost every time. But, sometimes when I was a little more confident I have seen two thin people turning into two fat people and then even the room started to expand or I fumbled and stop and got totally blank. I used to wonder what was wrong when  I did practice so confidently alone.

I was growing up and presentations became a very important part of school and marks. I looked into my scorecard and felt sad for how I’ve always lost marks in Viva and presentation. Even the college presentations did not go well. I lost total hope and my confidence started to fade.

The time of realization:

I got a job. It was my first job ever. I was too happy for I got selected. But with growing age and standards grows responsibility.The project I was selected for was related to Health Care and I was supposed to attend a training to get knowledge of Health Care terms. At the end of the training we all were supposed to give a presentation over selected topic and that’s where I started to drown down in my seat. My topic was Health Care Fraud. I did a lot of research to make my topic as attractive and interesting as I could and I was successful in making a great ppt.

Now the time to overcome my fear of getting on the stage. I got up for my turn and kept on saying myself ‘no matter what today I will not stop. Why do I want to ruin all my effort of making this presentation that well, why to waste efforts of practicing . I can’t do it all over again. I am not a child and this time it’s no scorecard but it’s my image that’s going to get rated. If it’s not today i will never be able to take a stand for anything ever in my life.’ And that’s where I started so focused so fearless, and so confident.

I really  did surprise myself that day and it was the best presentation of the day. That day I learned how for many years i kept making myself believe that I have stage fear when I was unaware of my own capabilities.

So, know your Fear and let it pass because there is no fear at all. It is just what we make by ourselves. Sometimes fear is not to step out of of our comfortable zone. But that’s when you start to decide your limits. Be fearless, Be Limitless, expand your boundaries by stepping forward out of your shell.

~~Green Herb~~


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